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Internationale vindere 2018

H.K.H. Prins Joachim til Science i Forum - Unge Forskere 2018 -  ©Astra - Foto: Jakob Vind

1. præmie 
Research on laser galvanometer scanning control system with GCode and 3D printing of SLS
Liao Qianyuan, Kina.

2. præmier
Exploring New Technologies, Returning Clean water and Green Mountains
Liu Xuanhe, Kina. 

Developing a physics model for the trajectory of a looping pendulum.
Luka Grujic, Norge. 

3. præmier
Influence of Temperature on the Dynamic Friction Coefficient of Aluminum and IronFernando Alonso Bilfinger, Brasilien.

Multistage Pulse Electromagnetic Accelerator
Fu Jin, Kina.